“The cake [for my brother’s birthday] was a resounding and unequivocal success; in the words of the “Rolling Stones” -- "5 x 5"! … I haven't seen [his] face looking so stunned for over ten years! … Huge thanks from all of us, and from [my brother] and his family in particular -- they asked me to express their utmost gratitude and pass along their admiration of your talent!!!”
– Jeremy W., Mill Creek, August 2017

“The [Hello Kitty] cake was a SMASHING success, thank you SO VERY MUCH! [My niece] was jumping with joy, you should have seen her smiling face! She just couldn't stop talking about it! She was telling every guest, "I got a Hello Kitty cake!!! … It was so delicious too! Everyone just loved it!”
– Chandra B., Mountlake Terrace, July 2017

“Your confectionery creations are beautiful beyond words and delicious to boot (a rare enough combination!). … I have only to add that the [Beatles theme] cake was absolutely sumptuous, one of the best chocolate cakes I've ever had (and I've had quite a few!).”
– Michael S., Mill Creek, April 2017

“… you should have seen [our son’s] face … when he finally saw his [X-Box 360] birthday cake! He was standing for more than a minute looking at the cake with his mouth open, and couldn't say a word! … It was priceless!!! … The cake was totally delicious, as usual! … Ella, thank you so much from all of us, your cakes are now regular part of our family celebrations and we look forward to placing more orders with you…!”

– Mike L., Lynnwood, January 2017

“[The Avengers] cake was beautiful, delicious, tender, not too fat, not too sweet.... Absolutely everyone loved the cake, the kids as well as the adults. I'd like to express my deepest gratitude for such a work of art! You are the best!” [Translated from Russian]
– Yelena, Bothell, July 2016

“Congratulations on winning the Orca Baby Cake Contest – your cake was amazing! … Thanks for your support of our event – we had a fantastic time and made a good splash in the media. … And thank you again for your time, energy and amazing creativity – having the community come together to celebrate the whales was a humbling experience.”
– Dr. Deborah G., Research Director for the Center for Whale Research, Friday Harbor, June 2016

 “Your [St. Patrick’s Day-themed] cake was a HUUUGE success…. … Thank you for making our family's 100th St. Patrick's Day in the USA so special!”
– Gerrold S., Seattle, March 2016

“We can’t say thank you enough for the beautiful work of art you gave our princess. She was so happy with her [“Strawberry Shortcake” design] cake and said, “Mom, I didn’t expect this!” You made her truly happy!”
– Yolanda P., Puyallup, January 2016

“Your absolutely magnificent masterpiece of a [sushi boat] cake … brought to my dear husband so much amazement and joy that his 55th birthday will be even more memorable and unforgettable than his 50th! … it was a huge success!”
– Amelie B., Edmonds, November 2015

“The [Lego Star Wars-themed] cake was really delicious… “Unbelievable” and “amazing” where the words widely used [to describe it]…. … We wanted to thank you once again for an incredible cake. It made our nephew’s 10th birthday party truly unforgettable!”
– Sheila & Derek S., Mill Creek, September 2015

“Thank you so much for another delicious and beautiful [architectural] cake! It was a big success! … My father was totally stunned.… [He] asked me to express to you his utmost gratitude and best wishes with your cake business.”
– Mike L., Lynnwood, September 2015

“Your [Harry Potter-themed] cake made [my niece’s] ... birthday party a truly memorable affair which I am sure she will remember fondly and cherish for many years to come!”
– Robert G., Mill Creek, June 2015


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