“Ella, once again, thank you SO MUCH for making such lasting memories with your outstanding creations! We don't know what we would have done without you; our special occasions just wouldn't be the same without your cakes!”
          – Michael & Cindy S., Mill Creek, December 2018

“We have no words to describe the joy and wonder your cake has brought to our special occasion (as several more cakes did so earlier)! It was the centerpiece of our celebration room, and was drawing all the attention! Even the many people who had seen your previous creations were telling us that you continue to outdo yourself, and that every time they feel like they are visiting a cake show! … The cake was so beautiful that it was painful to cut it…”
          – Sheila & Derek S., Mill Creek, September 2018
“Ella, thank you so very much once again for creating amazing memories of a very special occasion! We would like to pass to you our sincerest and deepest thanks and appreciation [for "The Expendables" themed cake] and wish you all the very best! Keep up your amazing work! You have die hard fans in us all, and we look forward to placing many more orders with you!”
            – Jake M., Mountlake Terrace, March 2018
“I really don't know how you do it... Just like world-class pole vaulting athletes, every time you raise the bar and every time you sail right over it, with room to spare! I don't have words enough to express the huge success of your ["Kiss" themed] cake! … It was a real pain to cut into such a beauty but it had to be done. The cake was utterly delicious, as usual, very moist and tender with just the right amount of everything, and not cloyingly sweet… [I heard] ... you saw the cake design in a dream. Well, keep having those beautiful dreams!!!”
           – Robert G., Mill Creek, February 2018
“Each and every time your confectionery masterpieces keep exceeding our wildest expectations, by a wide margin, and the astounding Dali cake had topped them all. … We have no words to describe how happy you've made our daughter, and us by extension! … We are all blessed to have you in our lives!”
           – Sheila & Derek S., Mill Creek, December 2017
“Once again your perfect creation [“Guns N’ Roses” themed cake] managed to give everyone beautiful memories of a special occasion!  We can't wait until our next order! … God Bless you … and your amazing talent! We all wish you a long and prosperous cake making career! KEEP SPREADING THE JOY!”
           – Gerrold S., Seattle, October 2017
“You made one Little Pony lover a very happy girl!!! … The cake was delicious as usual (one of your hallmarks…) … Ella, thanks so much from the bottom of all our hearts. You just keep making our special occasions even more special and memorable!”
          – Michael & Cindy S., Mill Creek, October 2017


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